fredag 22 januari 2016

From the brain

Where are they?
  1. 1.       Shipwrecked on an island
  2. 2.       Sailing in a small ship
  3. 3.       Stranded in a port town
  4. 4.       Hiding in an underwater cavern
  5. 5.       Frozen in time, outside the world
  6. 6.       Taken hostage by apes

What do they want?
  1. 1.       The hunt for rum
  2. 2.       The tending of forbidden plants
  3. 3.       The vengeance towards the establishment
  4. 4.       The thirst for justice
  5. 5.       Please just make the dreams stop
  6. 6.       The hunger for meat

What stands in their way?
  1. 1.       Treacherous friends
  2. 2.       Their own greed
  3. 3.       Anger
  4. 4.       The condescending of those above you
  5. 5.       The shackles of slavery
  6. 6.       The non-understanding from society

Stranded in a port town - Please just make the dreams stop - Their own greed

  1. Looking for an antidote in a port town, their vessel broken down. They were digging too deep in the mines of madness.
  2. Cursed by a witch in the port town. She has gone out into the badlands, they have no means of following.
  3. After a long expedition into war they have returned together with the rest of a ragged and defeated army. Enemies are controlling the city and it’s dangerous. 
Pics from the Heavy Metal movie

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