onsdag 12 april 2017


Cat adventurer with spoon mace.

Stoner + Dwarf

Made this for the #lifeformdrawingclub submission. A Dwarf gets a rude awakening at best, and no more awakenings at worse.

lördag 21 januari 2017

Iron Saviour

Here's my submission for the Iron Saviour CHOW DOWN competition on the Crimson Daggers forum. It took about two weeks of break times and morning hours to make, in total around 10 hrs from start to finish. It was a really fun competiton and I enjoyed participating.

The Iron Saviour of the Ice Clans.

The civilized people of the southern lakes say that the northern savages' will to survive won them the favor of a lesser elemetal god, who gave it's life to be with the people it loved. As the savages themselves do not have a word for love their account is, unsurprisingly, not the same. 

According to them the great chief Huldran decapitated the metal monster during honorable combat and hid the head so that the beast can not wake. Out of the open throat a steady stream of iron is pouring into cold air, providing heat for frostbitten fingers and metal for swords. 

A band of adventurers has been spotted in the northern wild, and rumors say that they are looking for the head. Will the barbarians help or hinder them in recovering the lost artefact? Will the saviour be made hole again and will it take revenge on the people that took it's head? Or is it just a barbarian myth?