fredag 15 maj 2015

Witch's Hut

The witches have been dead for a long time, but their spirits lives on inside of the walls of the old adobe.

Ground floor

A screen divides the room from the door. At each end of the screen there's salt line laid out on the floor. Unless the players say that they are careful they break the salt lines when moving over them. This was meant as a fall back position if the tentacle gate got out of control in the cellar.

Four skeletons are playing cards around a table and until someone joins them they are doomed to play forever. If someone joins the game they will attack immediately and run into the forest. 

The visible cellar hatch is a trap. It's just a trapdoor laying flat against the floor. On the other side of the hatch is an unholy rune that will summon the witches' spirits upon the unlucky opener. 

Inside the fireplace an undead cat familiar is hiding. It can be made to follow the PCs if they show it kindness. Only likes blood.


Cursed altar, wants a heart - will grant wish. 

Skeleton behind rock slide, has a really nice but fragile sword. 

Two botched pentagrams and one working one, spilled ink on floor. 

Tentacle gate surrounded with salt circle. Think snails and salt. Can get out if lines are broken.

Holding cell that appears empty but contains a bunch of invisible zombies (moans can be heard).

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