torsdag 7 maj 2015

Mage blood blaster: new weapon

What it is
In the legions of the Monster overlords* there are certain commandos that use the beam emitting weapons known as blood blasters. They are fuled by the blood of brain dead mages stored away in military prisons and kept alive by reverse-leaches, to be used as munition plants. 

In times of war where the need for mage blood spikes, the crushing of mages in the huge "juicers" are frequent. 
From the movie ABCs of death 2 (W is for Wish)

For the use of the gun in play, think about the beam gun at the end of AKIRA. It's charged up and then discharget at a target in a more or less devestating but predictable burst light beam. 

From the movie Akira.
When fired the user says how many points of damage they want to drain from the blood magazine BEFORE making an attack. Hit or miss, the blood points are spent either way. The blood drains by one point per day from magical erosion. 

Each point of damage the weapon can deal is equal to half a point of mage blood. More advanced models can use the mage blood more efficiently.

*See Jens S' post about Dungeon Punk here

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